Frustrated With Weight Loss?

There may not be an obvious reason for abnormal fat gain and retention. No two people are exactly the same. That's why one weight loss technique or program doesn't work for every individual. I believe people become frustrated when they try a "proven" method and it is not effective for them.

Maybe you are in this very situation - you and a friend exercise at least 5 days a week, you both generally eat a healthy diet, your friend seems to be dropping the weight and looking fit...

and you are not.

I was recently talking with a patient about this very scenario. Very frustrated, she was beginning to wonder what was wrong with her. I could tell she was starting to believe that she was never going to be able to lose weight.

Sound familiar?

If there was one cause for obesity and abnormal fat then it would make sense that one program would work in every case. Well, in the real world it is just not that easy. I shared with my frustrated patient some of the many reasons for weight gain and an inability to lose weight, which include...

- Hypothyroidism. Your thyroid activity is related to many processes in your body, especially your metabolic status determining how you build and utilize your fat reserves.

- Adrenal health. Your adrenal glands produce a number of hormones. A deficiency or excess of any of the adrenal hormones can cause many problems for you, including weight gain.

- Sex hormone imbalances. Both men and women can suffer from imbalances in their gender specific hormones. Such imbalances here can lead to weight gain and the seemingly inability to lose weight.

- Gastro-intestinal health. The health of your digestive system plays an important role in your health. Not only is it important to put healthy foods into your body, your body has to have the right internal environment to properly process and utilize nutrients. A disruption in this system can lead to weight gain and stubborn fat reserves.

- Mental / Emotional status. An inability to lose weight may very well be linked to your emotions and life scenarios. Proper lifestyle / environmental modifications can be important in any weight loss program. Restoring physiological balance of mood specific neurotransmitters play an important role as well.

This list is definitely not exhaustive, but it illustrates the point - there are a number of reasons people gain weight and have trouble losing it!

Fortunately we can assess any of the above systems for imbalances. This is why a health history and basic blood work are done prior to starting any weight loss program, especially the hCG diet.

Let us
work with you to discover any obstacles that are standing in the way of your healthy goals.