Vitamin Shot and Nutrient Injection Options

We offer a number of vitamin and nutrient injections. Each injection is administered or supervised by Dr Jemison.

Why Injection?


Many people have found that getting an injection is more convenient than swallowing a bunch of pills. Injections are usually necessary about once a week, or as directed. The benefits from the injection can be noticed rather quickly.

Bio Availability

When a nutrient or vitamin is injected it is available for the body to use immediately. It does not have to pass through the stomach or liver to be made available throughout the body. An injection allows the body to directly utilize the nutrients and vitamins leading to a better therapeutic effect and outcomes.

Your comfort is very important to us. As with any shot or injection some discomfort and/or bruising may occur. We take every possible step to ensure that our injections are safe and as painless as possible.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or to schedule an appointment with Dr Jemison to discuss your health goals.