Vitamin B12
Fight Fatigue
Improve Mental Alertness

Vitamin B12 is a very important nutrient in the human body. Many metabolic processes require it to run properly. If there is not enough of this vitamin available than something will be lost or not produced – most commonly energy.

This essential B vitamin is available in many of the foods we eat such as milk, eggs, meat, and fish. If you are experiencing problems with your stomach and digestive system it becomes harder for your body to obtain it from foods. So even if you eat these foods you may not have adequate absorption.

Digestive conditions that can lead to deficiency

- Low stomach acid
- Bariatric surgery
- Strict vegan diet
- Use of some prescription medications
- Use of PPI’s (proton pump inhibitors) or other reducers for GERD

Vitamin B12 deficiency is actually very common.

People who are low in B12 usually experience one or more of the following symptoms.

- Anemia
- Fatigue (very common!)
- Constipation
- Numbness and tingling in the hands and/or feet
- Depression and low mood
- Poor memory
- Sores in the mouth and on the tongue
- Dementia
- Weakness and slow reflexes

Very often people will report an improvement in mental alertness and overall energy after increasing vitamin B12. This is one of the main reasons people seek this particular vitamin therapy out – they are tired of being tired.

Not only is B12 great for energy production, but it also helps reduce the cardiovascular disease risk factor homocysteine.

The best way to quickly increase your vitamin B12 level is by injection. A B12 shot is fairly painless and many people are surprised at how easy and quickly it is administered. We are very careful and conscientious of the patient’s comfort.

As with any shot or injection, there is always the risk of bruising or infection –very uncommon in B12 administration. We take every possible step to ensure the safety of our patients.

It is important to point out that while this can definitely improve your energy and alertness, if you are low in B12 you are low in other nutrients as well. If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, fully addressing your health concerns with us is the best way to discover the cause.

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