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Passionate about your health and wellness, Dr. Jemison is a Colorado licensed doctor that takes time to listen to your concerns and goals with respect and confidentiality. Your treatments will be personalized to your particular situation.

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Men’s Health and Wellness
Men have specific health concerns that may develop as a man ages. Some of these may include questions about testosterone levels, erectile dysfunction (ED), stress, fatigue – just to name a few. Dr Jemison has specialized training in addressing issues that are male specific.

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Weight Loss Options
Being obese or overweight can add several negative risk factors to your health outlook. Losing weight and improving your diet are two of the best ways to increase your overall health – not to mention you will feel great!
Dr. Jemison can offer many options for weight loss because weight loss is not a “one size fits all” situation.

Joint Health
Arthritis and joint pain are some of the main reasons people seek medical care. Whether your joint pain is due to arthritis, sports injuries, overuse injuries, or an unknown cause - we offer solutions. Treatments such as prolotherapy, platelet rich plasma (PRP), supplementation, acupuncture, and other injection therapies are used and very effective.

General Health and Wellness
Phoenix Wellness Clinic is also set up for general medical care. We regularly see patients with concerns about allergies, colds, flu, fatigue, arthritis, food sensitivity analysis, hypothyroid, sleep disturbance, nutritional assessment, GERD, IBS, cardiovascular support and many more.

To effectively personalize your treatment, Dr. Jemison employs a wide variety of ways to deliver therapy and treatment, including but not limited to the following:

- Acupuncture
- Plant based medicines
- Nutrition guidance
- Appropriate supplementation
- Homeopathy
- IV therapy
- Injection of therapeutic agents
- Bio identical agents and hormones

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In addition to being licensed in Colorado, Dr Jemison is also an affiliate faculty at MSU Denver. Currently teaching multiple sections of Clinical Pathophysiology.

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